Coke cold ammonia valve company is the industry's first national ammonia valve licence、The relief valve permits,And the first to enter the national special valve manufacturing enterprises above designated size enterprises,The company has its ammonia valve engineering technology research center、Ammonia valve inspection and test center、The relief valve performance testing center and five divisions,Nearly one hundred million yuan in fixed assets,Has nearly hundred national patent,Is the industry at home and abroad has obvious competitive advantage and research and development manufacturing ability medium risk of valve production base。

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    Coke cold ammonia valve co., LTD., began1965Years,Is domestic specialized is engaged in the ammonia valve、The relief valve and other special valves、Development、Manufacture of high-tech enterprises,Is one of the largest ammonia system special valve manufacturing industry enterprises and research and development base,Is the only industry with ammonia valve engineering technology research center and more than 20 independent intellectual property rights,The company always strives for the survival by the quality、With science and technology for development、In a professional、Focus for the target,With ammonia valve、Fluorine valve、The relief valve is dominant,Through scientific and technological innovation、Brand,Made company product always in the industry leading level,At ammonia in the industry,To the quality、Excellent service and is famous in the country,At the same time of replace imported and meet domestic demand,Exports in southeast Asia、Europe and the United States and other regions。

    The company has five divisions and a research and development center,Nearly one hundred million yuan in fixed assets,The construction area25800Square meters,Has domestic advanced automated ammonia valve testing center、All relief valve performance testing center、And nc machining centerCAD、CAAPWorkstations, such as CNC machine tools、Ordinary machine tools、Intermediate frequency quenching、Precision casting、Pickling blasting and other large equipment300余台、Metal physics and chemistry、Mechanical performance test、Plasma welding、Ultrasonic thickness、Mr Lowe hardness testing、NDT、Heat treatment、Spectral analysis、Spring test device, etc25Sets。In the capacity of production20Ten thousand units(Sets),Guodian、CLP vote、China resources power、Datang group、Huaneng group、ZhongHao chemical industry、Yanzhou coal、Gezhouba group、Water and electricity fourth、Water and electricity seven innings、China petrochemical、Zhejiang group、Beijing lu shipbuilding and other major suppliers。…


The focal company's clients include the cold:Shuanghui group、Yurun group、And group respectively、Mengniu、Yili、Huaying、Qingdao beer、Chongqing beer、Huarun beer、Gezhouba group、China's hydropower seven innings、China's hydropower eight innings、China's hydropower innings、China guodian、China huaneng、China huadian、China datang、China resources power、ZhongHao chemical industry、YiHua、Xingfa chemicals、Sinochem、Sinopec, etc。

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      Intelligent instrument valve is a kind of pipe accessories。It is used to change the channel cross-section and flow direction of medium,A device of control medium flow。Instrument valve sealing performance refers to the instrument valve the sealing parts's ability to prevent leakage of medium,It is the most important technical performance index of instrumentation valve。  &nbs...In more detail>>


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